Turning Your Life Around with Adversity

Turning Your Life Around with Adversity


Turning your life around is all about learning to take on adversity as the catalyst for growth. We must see (view/perceive) adversity as the main ingredient to the success recipe. Most of us turn away from adversity, avoiding it at every turn. Adversity will come whether you like it or not, and you can’t control it, avoid it, or run from it. Adversity comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes. It’s like air… You can’t live without facing adversity. Success is directly tied to our ability to navigate and conquer adversity.

Forrest Gump quoted his momma… ‘life is like a box of chocolates’, and he was referring to life is all about adversity…” Craig Stephen Rogers

Adversity is like a stallion. Beautiful and scary all at once. Powerful and untamed. But once you embrace the stallion, befriend it, and build a trusting relationship you might be able to harness all that power and steer it in the right direction. A powerful stallion can take you on the grandest of journey’s, or he can buck you off leaving you bruised and bloodied. It’s all about how you approach and perceive adversity.

There’s a new fitness craze known as “CrossFit”. CrossFit is basically “going back to the basics”; lots of high intensity training, mixing anaerobic training with aerobic training. Each training session is different from the next. Essentially you throw different routines at your body, keeping it mixed up, never repeating the same workout twice. Your muscles are confused and the intensity and the constant “change up” leaves your body unable to hit the growth ceiling. You reach fitness levels you only dreamed of…

The ultimate outcome of CrossFit is massive body fat loss mixed with outrageous muscle growth, definition, and tone. To your muscles it’s all adversity… Your muscles attempt to adapt (grow) to meet the unusual adversity (always changing high intensity). Emotional and spiritual growth come through adversity as well, and we can grow emotionally and physically in the same manner that our muscles grow. But do we dare allow ourselves to deal with the high intensity workouts that come with emotional and spiritual adversity?

Are you an emotional and spiritual couch potato? Do you need to lose some emotional fat and gain spiritual muscle? Do you need CrossFit? Do you avoid adversity, side stepping it at every turn? Do you hide when adversity comes knocking? Do you give up, cower in fear, or slink away in defeat when the going gets tough? Or, like the ultimate CrossFit warrior do you heed the call to push through the pain and reach new levels of fitness? How do you view (perceive) adversity?

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