Failure to Launch & Young Adults | At The Crossroads

Failure to Launch & Young Adults | At The Crossroads


Failure to launch in young adults is not uncommon, do you have a twenty something year old young adult who has graduate from high school yet is still at home and unmotivated to go about becoming an adult? You may have a child dealing with failure to launch a common problem that a lot of young adults are presently struggling with. At The Crossroads provides parents with some insight into the issue of failure to launch in young adults. ATC is a transitional living program for struggling young adults and can help them deal with the hard task of becoming productive members of society.

It is not a hopeless situation and can be remedied should your child receive the right guidance. Failure to launch in young adults by no means reflects a parent’s failure but reflect that a young man or woman most likely has stumbled upon what he perceived to a major blocks in the road. The good news is that there are programs out there available to provide struggling young adults with the right tool that can get them into adulthood.

Failure to launch young adults need help in the following areas to succeed: counseling, job coaching, career skill development and help with sobriety. What some young adults need too often is a structured environment that will counsel them through the process of becoming an adult. There is nothing wrong with needing direction. Parents usually with sympathize with the difficulties that their child are facing but once a young man or woman’s lack of motivation becomes habitual then parents start to become frustrated and feel the pressure in trying to understand their child.

Where to get help

At The Crossroads has developed a phenomenal transitional living program by merging a unique combination of therapy, life coaching, mentorship, and leadership development for young adults. Parents who feel that their young adults may be in need of some assistance during their transition into adulthood can contact the team at ATC. For more information call 1-866-430-0354.


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